How to Install a Shower Curtain Rod

Functional and decorative, the bath curtain rod is an integral part to the not unusual bathe. When putting in a brand new rod, you’ll decide on which type is pleasant to your state of affairs, and then take the essential steps to install it well. Here’s the way to pick the right shower rod and the way to hold it: Best Review Express


Shower Curtain Rod Options

 When deciding on the right shower curtain rod in your area, there are three powerful ones to don't forget: tension rods, constant rods, and custom rods.



Tension rods are ideal for those that need a small repair or are renting, as there isn’t any hardware worried on account that anxiety rods are wedged in location among partitions. While they’re an easy solution to a shower curtain-less shower, they aren’t comfortable and might fall out of place if tugged on. Tension rods also can harm drywall if they’re wedged too tightly with none stud assist. To avoid this, it’s exceptional to find the studs to help brace the rod.



Fixed rods are traditional bathe curtain rods. They are available an array of styles and designs and are surprisingly clean to install. They can be directly or curved, and that they mount onto the wall using hardware, making them a greater comfortable choice.



 Custom Rods are square, rectangular, oval, or d-type rods which can be connected to the ceiling and encircle the bathtub space or attach to the partitions for nook showers.


Installing a Shower Curtain Rod

Depending on which shower rod you select, your installation can be extraordinary. But usually for this project, you’ll want the subsequent:


Tape degree


Stud finder

Shower curtain and rings

Tension rod or constant rod and hardware

Drill and bits

Drywall anchors



Installing a Tension Rod


Step 1


Start by using measuring among the two walls with the tape measure. You need to purchase an anxiety rod that’s a couple of inches longer than the real period between the two walls.


Step 2


Start by using establishing or extending the rod using turning every of the ends on the contrary direction. Do this till the anxiety rod is 1-2 inches longer than the gap among the two partitions and set apart.


Step 3


To the degree, the peak for installation, take your bath curtain and maintain it towards one of the walls above the apron of the bathtub. Adjust the height of the curtain until its hem is sitting 6 inches underneath the edge of the tub. Use your pencil to mark the height of the curtain on the wall. Measure the height of the pencil mark and replica it on the other facet of the shower.


Step 4


Slip the shower curtain jewelry onto the tension rod earlier than installing.


Step 5


Wedge the anxiety rod into place, ensuring to hold one stop over the mark on one side of the bath even as compressing the rods onto the opposite mark on the different aspect. Once the rod is in location, regulate it for that reason.


Installing a Fixed Shower Curtain Rod


Step 1


Mark the region for your curtain rod on either facet of the bath walls.


Step 2


Using a stud finder, slowly slide it over your marked regions to peer if there are studs in the back of the drywall. The tool ought to beep or mild up to signify the presence of a stud behind every mark. If no stud is the gift, you’ll want to add assist, so pre-drill holes for some drywall anchors earlier than striking the rod. If you’re working with a tiled wall, ensure that you pre-drill holes and insert wall anchor as correctly.


Step 3


Screw your drywall anchors into the pre-drilled holes and then comfy the mounting hardware with screws into the wall anchors.


Step 4


Slide your bath curtain earrings onto the curtain rod before installing your rod.


Step 5



Mount the bathe rod into the rod holes and hold your curtain.

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